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Bubble Soccer + Zorball!

We have teamed up with Bubble Ball Australia to provide you with extra entertainment for larger groups! 


Bubble Ball Suit's have specially designed straps to give the comfort and safety to all age and size's, The strap's inside are adjustable so absolutely nobody's head is exposed at the top.

For the complete Bubble Soccer experience we have high visibility soccer ball's  so seeing out the bubble soccer suit's are not a problem, We also have pop up soccer goal's that are set up in less then a Minute


We also supply a supervisor to every booking that can Referee your game, Maintain the small amount of rules that we have and make sure its enjoyable for everybody that is playing and watching. Suitable for ages 5+.


Zorb ball is now up and running! We have bought the best quality ZORB Ball possible, This super light weight, Durable ZORB Ball has been getting some pretty heavy testing since coming into the country in April 2016 and it's ready to roll. So far we have had almost every age in the zorb ball from Children as young as 6 all the way upto Adults 60+, In summer time find a hill, Pour some water in and slide down and stay Cool! In Winter skip the water and use it as  a rolling jumping castle.

Ages 6-12 Can have 2 children in at once, 13+ We suggest you find a hill and roll as fast as you can!

Ask us how to get Bubble Soccer or Zorball or Bundle it with Snookball at your next event!. 

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