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How much room do I need to have?

Our Snookball tables measure at 6.60m x 3.60m.  You will also need space around the table to accomadate for setup and for spectators. We recommened at least 7m in length x 4m width.


How levelled does the surface need to be?

The flatter your suface, obviously the smoother the game will be. We recommened playing on hard surfaces like concrete surfaces, synthetic grass, floorboards, tennis courts and titled areas for best results. We advise you do an analysis on the area prior to booking. If the surface is really uneven, we can just set the table up without the rolled out grass. If you are unsure, you can always send us a picture prior to booking. 

Can we move the Snookball Table once it is setup?

NO. Once our operators have set up the snookball table in the designated position it must not be moved under any circumstance. 

How long does it take to set up the snookball table & when does hire commence?

Set up time usually takes around 30mins as long as access is clear. Your hire starts from the time that the snookball table is setup, checked and ready to use. The set up is done prior to your booked time and the dismantling is done after booking period has finished, so you don’t loose any hire time.

Can Snookball Australia come to a park or public venues ?

Yes, given that you have the necessary permissions.



Does Snookball Australia have Public Liability?

Yes, Snookball Australia is insured for $20 million public liability.


Got More Questions?

You can always shoot us an email-

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