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Terms and Conditions



Full payment is due prior to the start of your event, unless another date is agreed upon prior to your booking.

The Hirer’s Responsibility

a) The Hirer shall at all times use the hired equipment within the rules supplied by Snookball Australia and the hired equipment’s limitations, specifications and capabilities intended by the manufacturer of the equipment.

b) If the hired equipment becomes damaged, breaks down or fails the Hirer shall contact Snookball Australia immediately by phone. The Hirer must not attempt to repair the equipment

c) The hirer is responsible for the cost of any repairs as a result of any negligence or misuse of the equipment

d) If the hired equipment fails or breaks down out of negligence or misuse of the equipment by the Hirer the hire charges will only cease once the Hirer has paid for all repairs or replacement of the equipment

e) The Hirer shall not use or operate or permit the equipment to be used or operated in a manner or for a purpose for which the equipment was not designed, manufactured or outside the rules provided by Snookball Australia.


f)The Hirer shall not use or operate or permit the equipment to be used or operated in a manner which, in the opinion of the Business would be likely to endanger the safety or condition of the equipment or any part thereof or the safety of any person or property


Booking Cancellations Within 48 hours of the event time will incur the loss of the booking, payment will not be refunded. 


Bad Weather: In the event of bad weather and the need to call off or postpone your event you will need to contact us at least 2 hours prior to your delivery time arranged.  If we arrive on site and the decision is made to cancel/postpone due to poor weather, payment will not be refunded.

Insurance, Liability & Responsibility:  Snookball Australia is insured for $20 million public liability.  

Age Limit: Our services are available for all ages, though children under 16 years will need to be supervised by an adult. 

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