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Snookball Australia, is the first of it's kind in Australia!

Originating in Europe, this new hybrid game combines elements of Soccer and Pool.

The first rule of Snookball is to have fun and mix up the rules as you please.

Find below for our recommendations of where to start.



A player or team wins when they legally pocket all balls in their group (Solid or Stripes) and with their next shot pot the black ball.

The game is lost if the black ball is pocketed mid-game, leaves the table (except off the break) or the white ball is pocketed or leaves the table in the same shot the black ball is pocketed.

FOULS: When the following fouls occur, the opponent can play TWO shots if they don't foul in their first attempt: 1) Touch the opponent’s ball first OR 2) The white ball fails to touch player’s own balls. If the white ball is pocketed, the opponent can place it anywhere for the next move.



When playing doubles, a pair may 'pass' the ball once in order to pocket a ball from their group. To be a legal pass, the ball must pass across the middle of the tables and be deflected by a team mate while it's still in motion and in a single touch. Any failure to meet these criteria will result in TWO shots being awarded to opponents. A pass can't be used when on the black ball.



 A 'Snookie' is called when a player manages to pocket one of their balls by jumping the cue ball over an opponent's ball or the black ball with a scoop shot. When successful, an opponents ball may be brought back into play and re-spotted.



9-BALL: Pocket the 9-ball to win, you must make contact with the lowest numbered ball first.


TURBO 8-BALL: The same as 8-ball, but each side only has three balls in their group to begin.


TRICK SHOT H.O.R.S.E.: Sink a trick shot for your opponent(s) to copy, if they fail, they get a letter.


3 PLAYER CUT-THROAT: 5 balls each. Take turns to to sink all opponent's balls and eliminate them.

KELLY POOL: Kelly Pool is played with a set of 16 balls, 1 cue ball and 15 coloured, and numbered 1 – 15.

Each player pulls out a numbered dice from the Kelly Pool jar, (not showing anyone), the numbered dice you select is the ball you have to try and protect. If you sink someones ball, they are out until the game is finished, return your numbered dice into the jar &

last person standing wins. This game is great for up to 15 players.

A Snookball table can be hired for any number of events. We hire for birthdays, weddings, festivals, private parties, corporate events, team building days, buck’s parties and much more. Email us to to book or enquire online.


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